Reorganization of access points, San Giovanni Hospital, Rome

hospitals / public-admin / restructuring

Studio Saponetti was involved in planning the internal reorganization entrances and access of the San Giovanni-Addolorata Complex gathering the San Giovanni Hospital, Addolorata Hospital and Britannico Hospital, as well as the Santa Maria Surgery area. The feasibility of the project was conditioned by the archaelogical sites dating back to the Roman era, which still have an impact on today’s structure and organization of all access points, as well as the usability and practicability of the area.
Our project was part of a bigger plan, to reorganize all pathways and pedestrian accesses of the San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital, which began over sixteen years ago and has been only partially completed.

The preliminary project consisted of two significant phases: the reorganization of accesses and routes, adapting to latest regulation regarding the removal of architectural barriers, and the reorganization of internal space according to their various functions, simplifying both horizontal and vertical routes and realigning departments to services and to the operating groups.

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