G&M’s apartment

interior-design / residential / restructuring

In EUR, near the lake, we were given the opportunity to work on the restructuring of an old classy apartment. The objective was to enhance in a modern and contemporary way the original characteristics of the apartment.

We reorganized the environment and the connection between all rooms, bearing in mind the requests of the owners’ lifestyle, the requirements of a young couple with a small child. All rooms are connected, around the new entrance, accompagnino the guest in the living-room; however they all remain independent respecting one another’s privacy and intimacy.

The new large kitchen is a result of the union between 3 environments, with the central totem: it is a coherent continuity of the living-room, but independent. It has transformed into one of the most welcoming rooms of the apartment, with the addition of a key contemporary element on the stove.

Another key element to the restructuring of the home has been the optimization of the energy consumption, which makes it comfortable and efficient.

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