Public Library, Mazzano Romano

education / library / public-admin / restructuring

The new public library in Mazzano Romano is located on the first floor in the town hall, located on Giovanni XXIII Square, near the city hall offices, the church and the gardens. Studio Saponnetti planned the construction of the library in coherence with the works in the Cultural Center (Ground floor) and guaranteeing a better organization of internal spaces.

It will consist of a reading room, modern and comfortable – both in terms of space and acoustics. It will then be divided into several areas, for children, teenagers and adults: one multifunctional room, ideal for all kinds of cultural workshops, forums and school activities.

The library can contain up to 14.000 books and 1.500 DVDs; “La Via della Cultura”, where knowledge is at your fingertips, covering all walls, where readers can explore, silently, united in their learning.

What was the idea?

  • To create a unique space, guaranteeing visual continuity between all areas
  • To articulate all areas in a relevant and functional manner
  • To give a sense of freedom of movement and easy access, no closed areas
  • To create an area dedicated to the needs of the smaller children
  • To improve sounds and lights

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